Reinstatement Services

Reinstatement Services

Handover services for offices and commercial spaces

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Reinstatement Services

In Singapore, we provide reliable and cost-effective reinstatement services. If you’re moving your office or relocating your shop, our company can safely and professionally organise and reinstate the premises so that you can smoothly handover to your landlord without issue.

Returning your office or retail shop to your landlord can be a hassle and tricky experience considering the scale and complexity of the task. Our specialists can help make your experience smooth as we are highly experienced with the handover expectations will be able to help facilitate that with your building management.

Affordable Prices

We are proud to offer the best value with reasonable prices for quality reinstatement services in Singapore.


Our reinstatement specialists are highly professional and take great care and responsibility in our work.

Customer Service

We prioritise customer service and are willing to go the extra mile to provide swift handover to our customers.

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Office Reinstatement Services

Our experience in reinstating office premises allows us to ensure smooth handover regardless of the existing condition of your office. Our knowledgeable professionals can also assist you in dismantling and transporting all computer equipment that you might wish to relocate to your new premises.

Our office reinstatement specialist will conduct a free and non-obligatory site survey at your office. We will offer a reinstatement proposal based on a detailed assessment of all the tasks that needs to be done in order to ensure smooth handover and delivery.

Our reinstatement specialists in Singapore are well-known for their vast professional experience in settling office handovers efficiently. Our office reinstatement schedules are carefully planned and executed with high efficiency so that we will be able to deliver the property back to the management in acceptable condition.

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Commercial Reinstatement Services

We are able to conduct fast and efficient reinstatement services for retail and commercial lots in Singapore. As the retail scene moves quickly and rents are costly, our experience and services are highly valued as we reduce headaches and unnecessary complications for our clients.

Our commercial reinstatement specialist will conduct a free and non-obligatory site survey at your commercial lot or retail shop. Following that, we will draw up a proposal for the reinstatement works to be conducted, and work it with your schedule towards returning the lot to the building management.

As we are highly experienced in this field, we are able to solve most of the issues that arise in relation to landlord expectations.

Additional Services

We provide a one-stop service for any reinstatement works. This mean that we will be able to fulfil all administrative, planning and necessary construction works necessary for a smooth handover. There is no need to engage any other third party to facilitate entire process.

Administrative Services

We will deal with all administrative requirements, permits and approvals for work that needs to be carried out.

Hacking Services

We are efficient in conducting hacking and dismantling tasks for any reinstatement project.


We are experienced in complying with the property requirements in order to facilitate a smooth handover.

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